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How Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Work Together

As the chiropractor works to address nerve related issues by correcting bone misalignment, the physical therapist works to maintain those corrections by strengthening the surrounding musculature through an exercise program specifically designed for the individual – allowing the patient to heal in the proper manner and maintain their health.

Our unique approach of fusing physical therapy and chiropractic care expedites patient recovery and ensures long-lasting results on your health.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy focuses on pain relief, healing and restoring function and movement. Disorders of the muscles, bones and joints are treated using manual techniques, stretching, strengthening and re-education exercises with various modalities to reduce pain and restore function to the individual needs of the patient. The therapist works to prevent pain and further damage by retraining the injured structures along with training surrounding muscles and structures to prevent future damage and re-injury. Physical therapy is important for overall physical health and injury prevention.exercisebike


Chiropractic medicine is a medical practice based on the theory that disorders result from a disruption of the nerves. Displacement of the levels of the spine can be a primary source for a patients discomfort; however it could involve other areas. Nerves from the spinal cord transport nerve impulses throughout your body. These nerves can become pinched due to misalignments of the spinal vertebrae or damage to the surrounding tissue. When this happens, your body does not function as efficiently and optimally as it should, and your overall health suffers. Misalignments are corrected by adjusting the position of the vertebrae of the spine which relieves the pressure on the nerve, restores the nerve’s ability to send signals to the brain more freely and helps your body to function at the highest level possible.