Don’t Let a Workers Compensation Injury Hold You Back

workers compensation physical therapy
In the latest published report from Travelers Impact Injury Report, there were almost 3 million Workers Compensation injuries in the United States in 2016?. Work related injuries can be particularly devastating because the injuries often result in forced time off for the injured party, and many can’t afford to lose wages. That is why our priority is to get you healthy, healed, and back to work as soon as possible.

Treating workers compensation injuries is not like treating other injuries. Not only do you have to rehab the injury, but you also have to prepare to go back to work. At FUSION we try to exercise our patients by recreating movements they would likely be doing while on the job. Our plan of action is to get the muscles, joints or tendons to stay strong in order to increase range of motion and decrease any limitations before returning to work.

The exercises performed by the patient will vary due to severity of injury and occupation. The routine is determined by the therapist followed by an evaluation of the patient’s injured area and general strength, endurance, and movement. We dedicate our time to give our patients a full understanding of their injury, rehabilitation process, and plan of care.

The most common Workers Compensation injuries are sprains and strains (30%), cuts or punctures (19%), contusions (12%), inflammation (5%), and fractures (5%). The work related injuries we treat most are for sprains, strains, and fracture care. If it is in your neck, back, arms, legs or ribs it is something we will take our time to treat.

Sprains and Strains might be the most common Workers Compensation injuries, but they should not put a hold on getting back to work. At FUSION REHABILITATION we accept all Workers Compensation cases. The highly trained Physical Therapists and Chiropractors can get you back to doing daily tasks even better than before.

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