Why Is Physical Therapy Important?

why is physical therapy important fusion rehab azWhy is physical therapy important? While physical therapy may bring to mind certain exercises, we can guarantee you that there is so much more to physical therapy and the benefits far outweigh the short term discomfort you may be anticipating.

If you’ve been referred to see a physical therapist or have chosen to go on your own due to direct access, it could be to help you recover from accident, injury, surgery or even for prevention. There are many benefits to physical therapy to help you improve your quality of life, reduce or eliminate pain and regain strength and mobility.

Why Is Physical Therapy Important? Physical Therapy can help you:

Manage Chronic Health Conditions

Physical therapy can be an option to help you manage certain chronic health conditions. Patients with heart and lung disease, diabetes or vascular conditions may see improved function with physical therapy. Your physical therapist will work with you to tailor a plan to your health needs to help you regain strength and function in the affected areas of your body.

Get Your Life Back

Many times after a physical setback, a patient may struggle with doing the things they once loved to do. This is also a reason why physical therapy is so hugely important. Your physical therapist can help you get back to living the life you love. Whether through functional training, strength building or conditioning, your physical therapist will help you retrain your body to do what it needs to do to begin loving life again.

Recover From Accident, Injury, Surgery or Stroke

Physical therapy is important in helping you recover from a motor vehicle accident, injury, after surgery or after a stroke. Physical therapy helps to restore function and mobility to areas of your body that are affected by any one of these. For conditions that are accompanied by pain, physical therapy can help to reduce or eliminate pain during your recovery.

Prevent Reinjury

Many times after an injury, the risk of reinjury increases. Physical therapy can help to reduce or eliminate the risk of reinjury in helping you to recover properly. Physical therapy retrains your body and helps to promote healing after you have been injured.

Your physical therapist at Fusion Rehab is a trained expert in helping restore function to affected areas of your body and help you regain your life, manage chronic health conditions, recover after accident, stroke, injury or surgery and help you prevent reinjury.

To schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists or chiropractors, please contact us today. Si a tenido un accidente de Auto o Trabajo y quiere obtener más información sobre terapia física o quiropráctico llame hoy a (602)569-5656 para poner una cita.

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