How to Achieve Success While Receiving Physical Therapy

physical therapy

As physical therapists, we sometimes see patients frustrated due to not seeing results and progress moving as fast as desired. Maybe the patient attends every appointment, does the required exercises, but perhaps fails at completing the at home exercise program. A few hours at the physical therapy office a week might not be enough, this is why at-home continued exercises are prescribed. With all of the treatments combined is when the patient will see the desired results in a timely fashion.

Here are some tips for achieving success in physical therapy:

Schedule: by setting aside time to do the exercises you will be less likely to skip a day.

Goals: if you have been injured and are unable to play your favorite sport or jog, set a date when you want to begin participating in the things you love again. This will push you to achieve your physical therapy goals.

Vocalize: when you announce publicly you are going to accomplish a task, your support system can help keep you on track, and will be looking forward to seeing the final outcome.

Connect: take the time to become comfortable with your physical therapist enough to connect with him or her. When you have that connection and trust established with your physical therapist, you will be more likely to do what they say and be more honest with what you are not doing, and what needs to improve.

Purchase: if you buy the equipment needed to complete the at-home exercises, you will be more inclined to use them. Just make sure that you purchase the exact equipment the physical therapist recommended, otherwise you risk the chance of furthering your injury by buying the wrong equipment.


We want to help you achieve success with completing physical therapy! If you have set a schedule with goals, made that connection with your physical therapist, and are doing your at home exercises but are still not seeing results, then contact Fusion Rehabilitation to schedule an appointment today!

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