Physical Therapy For Chronic Pain

physical therapy for chronic painIf you are dealing with pain in your body that has lasted more than 30 days, have you considered physical therapy for chronic pain? Not understanding the cause of your chronic pain can be frustrating. A physical therapist can evaluate you and help determine the cause.

Physical therapy is a conservative way to help reduce or manage chronic pain due to musculoskeletal conditions. It produces beneficial results for the patient without any side effects.

Here are the key benefits of using physical therapy for chronic pain.

Physical Therapy For Chronic Pain

Restore Function

In this case, a physical therapist can help teach different techniques and therapeutic exercises to support joints and soft tissues and restore muscle function. If the patient performs the exercises prescribed continuously, the pain may not only subside, but be eliminated completely.

Avoid Surgery

While in some cases surgery is necessary, physical therapy can help avoid surgery in different situations. By eliminating pain, improving physical health, and assisting healing, the patient’s therapist can help treat damaged tissue and facilitate independent movement. If surgery is already performed, PT is useful for faster recovery.

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Prevent Injuries

The main goal of a physical therapist is to focus on the weak area of the patient’s body and formulate the best plan to help strengthen it. Recognizing the weak part of the body, the physical therapist will analyze the patient’s problem and establish the best exercise regimen to strengthen the weak muscle groups and joints to prevent future injuries.

Improves Mobility and Balance

After serious injuries, major surgery, or due to aging, it might be difficult for patients to stand up. Physical therapy can help restore patient movement, improve coordination and maintain balance in patients at high risk of falls.

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Tackle General Health Issues

The best part of physical therapy is that it helps in dealing with various age-related problems such as arthritis, joint pain, and osteoporosis. PT is a safe and effective way for senior patients as it provides them with a less traumatic alternative involving joint replacement surgery.

Whether your pain is related to general health issues, weak muscle groups, surgery, or injury you do not have to live with chronic pain. Physical therapy for chronic pain can be an effective method of treatment. The team at Fusion Rehab is trained to help.

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