Physical Therapy For Arthritis Pain

physical therapy for arthritisAre you looking for more information on physical therapy for arthritis? If you are suffering from arthritis pain and have tried everything else, you may be curious to know whether or not physical therapy can help. When it comes to osteoarthritis — especially of the hip and knee — a physical therapist may be able to help reduce your pain.

There are different kinds of arthritis. Arthritis is basically inflammation in the joints. When the cartilage in the joints such as the hip and the knee are worn down, this is called osteoarthritis. When it comes to physical therapy helping osteoarthritis, it can help the knee and hip, which are the most common places osteoarthritis hits.

Since osteoarthritis is basically the wearing away of a joint, it cannot be reversed, however, physical therapy has methods of managing osteoarthritis symptoms and helping to ease your pain.

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Physical Therapy For Arthritis Pain

Physical therapy is a great first line of defense against osteoarthritis pain prior to trying drugs or surgery. Here is what physical therapy can do for both hip and knee osteoarthritis.

Physical Therapy For Hip Osteoarthritis

A physical therapist will help you understand why exercise is important to your condition. He or she will show you ways to lessen pain, increase your range of motion and movement, become stronger, and regain the ability to walk, stand, balance, heal or get back to the activities you love.

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Physical Therapy For Knee Osteoarthritis

A physical therapist will help guide you on exercises that will help increase your range of motion, strengthen the muscles around your knee for extra support, suggest supportive devices/bracing, conduct manual therapy and/or make recommendations on other activities and forms of treatment that might be right for you.

In some cases surgery is needed and if that is the case for you, physical therapy can help after surgery as well. Whether your hip and knee pain is related to osteoarthritis or another condition, you do not have to live with the pain. Physical therapy can be an effective method of managing pain associated with hip and knee osteoarthritis. The team at Fusion Rehab is here to help.

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