My Back Hurts. Why?

My Back Hurts. Why?

iStock_000011564018XSmallDid you know that eight out of ten people will suffer from back pain at some point during their lives?  This comes as a fairly shocking number to most who may have not realized this is a very common condition.  The discomfort caused by back pain can have an effect on other, or all, aspects of your life. One of the best choices you can make is to manage your condition immediately.

Back pain is a condition affecting many individuals around the country, whether it is from an injury, accident or medical issues.  Many people will seek expert medical help when dealing with a moderate to severe back condition. However, some of the mild conditions may be easily fixed by following a few simple recommendations.

Below we have put together a list of common causes of back pain and simple ways to help resolve the condition!

  • Sitting at a screen all day at work? This hunched over position can cause a number of issues. Be sure to take breaks every 15 to 20 minutes while at work to get up and stretch.
  • Sleeping in uncomfortable positions? Sleeping on your stomach or using the wrong pillows to support your neck and back can cause back pain. Also, sleeping on mattresses that are too hard or soft can do damage on your back and joints. Find the right pillow and mattress that is comfortable for you and your back.
  • Do you play sports on the weekends? It is common for individuals who play recreational sports on the weekends to skip proper training and warm ups. This can cause you to suffer from back injury or pain. You must always be prepared and listen to your body. Don’t push yourself too hard and incorporate a dynamic warm up before your activity.
  • Does your work require lifting heaving objects? Make sure you are lifting properly! Improper lifting techniques are common causes for back pain. Bend your knees, breathe and use your core when picking up a heavy object. Also, do not turn your torso when lifting heavy objects; turn with your feet.
  • Are your shoes uncomfortable? Wearing improper shoes could cause pain and pressure on your knees and spine. If you wear flats with no arch support or high heels on a regular basis, this could throw off the balance of your spine, causing pain. Wear shoes that fit properly and offer support.

If you are experiencing back pain, please visit a medical professional to determine the extent of the issue and to ensure your injury doesn’t get worse.

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