Physical Therapy After Motor Vehicle Accidents

motor vehicle accidents
Physical therapy offers an affordable treatment plan for people looking for treatment options. While physical therapy may not offer a complete alternative to traditional medical treatment, it may offer benefits, helping you recover faster and get back on your feet more easily. Aches and pains resulting from motor vehicle accidents can disrupt your life, and physical therapy helps treat those aches and pains.

While physical therapy is beneficial, you would first need to consult a doctor, when you are in an accident, to assess if there has been damage to the bones or muscles. Once the doctor confirms that there is no underlying severe damage, or the damage has been treated, you can consider your options regarding physical therapy. Here are some types of therapies offered for aches and pains.

Back and Neck Pain:

For treating back and neck pain, you might want to consider physical therapy for the muscles in these areas. While most people experience these aches even when they are not in an accident, stress can make the pain more severe. Whiplash injuries are a typically severe form of injury. While they can be treated with the help of a qualified physical therapist, you would typically want to get medically assessed. Whiplash injuries often are an indication of serious damage to the muscles and nerves. The effect of these injuries may manifest much after the accident. This is why it is a good idea to get checked out for possible long-term damage early on.

Identifying Whiplash Injuries:

Whiplash injuries are often associated with traffic accidents. They are caused by the to and fro motion of the neck when the vehicle collides with a barrier. It affects the muscles and the ligaments. The typical symptoms are aches spread over the neck and back, sometimes extending to the shoulders and arms.

Pain In The Joints:

Consider getting therapy for pain in the joints. Joint pains can arise because of fractured bones and torn ligaments. It is a good idea to not ignore the pain in your joints, arising from a vehicular accident. While a doctor would help rule out severe damage, mild damage can be treated through physical therapy. Often, physical therapy forms part of rehabilitation efforts, going hand in hand with medication, surgery, and other forms of traditional medicine.


There are low cost options for rehabilitation, should you ever be involved in a traffic accident. While it is important to get checked out by a doctor, even if you feel that your injury is not severe, to get rid of the resulting pain, you might want to be guided by one of FUSION’s physical therapists.

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