Stretch It Out: Your Hip Not Your Work Day

Back pain
Does your job require you to sit for prolonged periods of time? Is it causing you to have knee or lower back pain? Then stretching with your chair might be the answer for you. Stretching your hip flexors can actually improve being uncomfortable from all day sitting. By doing a chair lunge during the workday you will be happier and more productive, or at least we hope!

You will need one chair, preferably without wheels. If you chair does have wheels then make sure they are locked.

While sitting, turn your body to the right so you are facing that direction. Hold the back of the chair for support with your right hand. Move your hips to the left edge of the chair making sure your left leg is fully off the chair. Keep your right sit bone on the chair and extend your left leg back. Your right knee should be in line with your right hip and bent so that it is positioned directly over your right ankle.

Your left knee should be slightly bent while extended behind you and that your left toes are curled under. Posture is key when in a chair lunge. Position your shoulders over the hips and your back is completely straight this will engage abdominal muscles. The further back you reach your left foot the more stretch you will receive along the front left side of your body.
Hold this position for 30 seconds to 2 minutes on each side.

If you are finding your work environment not conducive to your health and are experiencing knee, back, or hip pain, the highly trained physical therapists at Fusion Rehabilitation can teach you more stretches and exercises to relieve discomfort. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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