Fusion Rehab Offers Patients Solutions to Pain

personWelcome to our blog! FUSION Rehabilitation is a state-of-the-art multidisciplinary facility specifically designed to fuse the techniques of physical therapy and chiropractic care in the Phoenix area.  By offering the professional services of both disciplines, FUSION Rehabilitation is able to provide the most comprehensive and cost effective rehabilitation in the Valley.

Being a Physical Therapist I see a variety of injuries, aches and pains and almost always patients have questions that need to be addressed. Because of this, I wanted to be able to provide patients a place to go to read about issues they may be experiencing after an injury.  Sometimes it is hard to understand information posted on medical sites, so, on this blog, I am going to be as simple, clear and concise as possible.

I have found throughout my years as a physical therapist in Phoenix, my patients often get lost in the hoopla of the healthcare system.  They don’t know who to go to with their questions, they don’t know if the answers are right, and they certainly don’t know who is on their side.  Many of my patients have come to see me after a motor vehicle accident and are usually in need of physical therapy or chiropractic care, others are from work injuries or simply injured during an everyday activity.  Many of my patients also have questions about financial responsibility, health insurance, auto insurance and at times questions regarding medical liens.

I hope to provide my insight on some of these topics, and others as well, to help you through your injury and address how, in some instances, physical therapy or chiropractic care may be of assistance.  This will be a combination of information about these topics as well as insights on any other acute or chronic injuries you might be experiencing.

We encourage your comments, questions and feedback.  However, the information provided on this blog is not to be considered medical advice. Please consult a medical professional if you are experiencing any issues from an injury or medical condition.


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