5 Nutty Coconut Water Benefits You Didn’t Know About

coconut water benefits
Are you looking for the ultimate thirst quencher? Maybe you’re seeking the drink that will finally quench that never-ending thirst, but you also want to nix the high sugar and calories of a sports drink, then coconut water is definitely for you! When the coconut is young and green, this is the ideal time to extract the water from the middle of the fruit, because coconut water benefits are extremely high. Obviously, hydration is the number one on the list of coconut water benefits; however, there is more to coconut water benefits then just keeping you from being thirsty.


Here are a few other coconut water benefits that will make drinking coconut water even more enticing!



Magnesium, copper, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, and sodium have more in common than just being elements on the periodic table. They are all found in coconut water. These nutrients are essential for the health and  well being of your body. Potassium helps your nervous system function properly, magnesium helps with energy levels and health conditions like diabetes, asthma, and osteoporosis, copper lets your organs and metabolism work efficiently, sodium balances fluids in the body along with lowering blood pressure, and phosphorous gives us healthy bones, teeth, and keeps our acid levels balanced.



If you didn’t already know, one of the most commonly known coconut water benefits is that it is extremely hydrating .When you mix all of the nutrients from above together, you get the five essential electrolytes produced in the body. So not only are you drinking in the nutrients you need, you’re also increasing your electrolyte count. This makes coconut water the perfect drink for after physical activities. With fewer calories than sports and energy drinks, you can’t go wrong in taking in the hydration of coconut water.


Weight Loss

Who doesn’t love to know that something they are doing could lead to weight loss? This drink will make you feel fuller, suppress your appetite, and is extremely low in fat, sugar, and calories. These are all essential items needed for weight loss.



Another coconut water benefit is  that it is high in fiber. Coconut water will aid the flushing out of toxins in your body out. Other benefits include the calming of symptoms of acid reflux or indigestion.


If this list does not convince you to start drinking coconut water, you must be nutty! Coconut water comes in all different flavors and it’s easy to find a flavor and brand that you will like. It is a great way to drink yourself to health, with these coconut water benefits.

While coconut water is a healthy alternative to a sugary sports drink, it will not be a cure for the muscle aches or sprains that occur from sports. If you are experiencing muscle pain, contact Fusion Rehabilitation today to schedule an appointment.

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