Physical Therapy For Whiplash

Physical Therapy For Whiplash | Fusion Rehab AZPhysical Therapy For Whiplash | Whiplash occurs when you have a sudden jolt, extension, or distortion of the neck. Whether it was from an auto accident or a fall, any sudden injury to the neck can cause problems, even if they are not detected for years. This is one of the reasons it is so important to visit your physical therapist for whiplash after an accident, even if you seem to feel just fine. Read more

Physical Therapy After Motor Vehicle Accidents

motor vehicle accidents
Physical therapy offers an affordable treatment plan for people looking for treatment options. While physical therapy may not offer a complete alternative to traditional medical treatment, it may offer benefits, helping you recover faster and get back on your feet more easily. Aches and pains resulting from motor vehicle accidents can disrupt your life, and physical therapy helps treat those aches and pains.
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What is Whiplash: Symptoms and Treatment

carOften times we get patients coming into our clinic after an auto accident who are complaining of neck pain and upper back pain. Sometimes, they are also complaining of headaches. I wanted to review some of the most relevant questions my patients might have when dealing with pain after an auto accident. Some of these questions include, what is whiplash? What are the symptoms of whiplash? And, what is the treatment for whiplash?
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