Benefits of Physical Therapy For Workplace Injuries

physical therapy for workplace injuriesInjured on the job? You may be happy to know about the many benefits of physical therapy for workplace injuries. If you are injured at work, workers’ compensation may help cover your physical therapy sessions.

Returning to work quickly after an injury is important to many employers as well as employees. Down time means lost wages and lost productivity. Returning to work safely is also very important.

Physical therapists can help you return to work safely after a workplace injury. Here’s how.

Benefits of Physical Therapy For Workplace Injuries

Reduced Pain

Physical therapists use drug free pain management options to help you feel better and reduce any pain you may be experiencing from your workplace injury.

Prevent Reinjury

Recommendations by physical therapists help to promote strength and flexibility. They can show you techniques to perform your tasks that will keep you from reinjuring yourself on the job.

Improved Healing

Physical therapy promotes faster healing. Patients who receive physical therapy have been shown to heal faster in many cases.

Restore Function and Movement

One of the goals of a physical therapist is to help increase range of motion. They will also help you to increase your flexibility. A physical therapist can teach you how to do normal tasks again that may have been compromised from the injury.

Ask your physical therapist to teach you how to complete tasks at work in ways that won’t further injury your body. He or she will work with you to tailor a plan to you. This may include a home program.

Now that you know more about the benefits of physical therapy for workplace injuries…

…contact the team at Fusion Rehab to help you recover. Whether your pain is from the work that you do, or a workplace injury, physical therapy can be an effective method of healing. The team at Fusion Rehab is here to help.

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