5 Steps to Treating a Pulled Back

iStock_000020109497XSmallHave you ever been playing sports on the weekends, lifting something heavy, or just end up turning the wrong way, causing your back to be pulled?  Or, have you been in a ‘fender bender’ car accident that didn’t seem like much of an issue at first, but later experienced back discomfort?


A pulled back can be caused when the muscle is stretched and strained due to some type of physical activity or sudden impact.


Follow the simple 5 steps outlined below to help decrease your pain after experiencing a pulled back muscle.

  1. Take a non-steroid anti-inflammatory medication to help alleviate the inflammation often present after pulling a back muscle.
  2. Use ice immediately after your injury.  Apply it for 15-20 minutes every few hours.  This will also help reduce the inflammation.
  3. Be sure to rest a little.  Don’t just lie in bed and be immobile, just refrain from any aggressive activity or activities that increase your discomfort.
  4. Use heat after your inflammation has subsided.  This will help loosen any stiff muscles.
  5. Visit a physical therapist or chiropractor to help improve your condition through treatments including manipulations, soft tissue massage, stretches and/or exercises.  They will even teach you ways to modify your activities on your own to prevent further injury and ensure a safe environment at home.


If you are feeling unbearable pain, experiencing swelling, numbness or tingling in your legs, and are having difficulty moving or walking, it is best you see a medical professional right away to assess the extent of the injury damage, and recommend the best treatment options.


For more information on pulled back muscles or to schedule appointment for chiropractic care or physical therapy, please contact us today!


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