5 Fall Health Tips For Your Family

fall health tips fusion rehab azThe change in weather can bring changes in our health, so here are some fall health tips for you and your family to stay well during this change in the seasons.

5 Fall Health Tips For Your Family

Get enough rest

Sleep plays a major role in keeping us happy and healthy. Research indicates that inadequate sleep can impair one’s immune system and therefore subject you to different ailments during autumn. This can also contribute to low energy and consequent gain in weight. An adult should therefore set aside around 7-9 hours for sleep during the night if at all good health is to be achieved.

Keep goals simple

Set achievable goals for yourself. Whether it is working out, eating better or another goal, set goals that are something that you can work towards and feel good in achieving. Keep things simple and create easy to follow plans that will help you achieve your goals.

Keep the right levels of vitamin D

Other than certain foods, the major source of vitamin D is the sun. In many parts of the country, that implies that during the fall season there will be a limitation obtaining vitamin D through the great outdoors. Vitamin D helps you absorb calcium and keeps the bones strong which contribute to good health. For that reason, you need to keep your levels of vitamin D at the correct levels.

Consume seasonal foods

Fall is a very good time to spend time in your kitchen as you prepare some nourishing food. Among those nourishing foods should be fruits, as well as veggies. Autumn is also a time that you should enjoy seasonal foods such as squash. You need to set aside time for eating right and prepping food if at all you don’t want to put your health at stake.

Stay active

Fall is a beautiful time in the desert to get outdoors. Whether it is hiking, walking or any other outdoor activity you enjoy, get out and make the most of the beautiful fall temperatures here. You need to involve yourself in movement daily. Walking or exercising and staying active helps to reduce stress and at the same time helps in burning calories.

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