Physical Therapy For Whiplash

Physical Therapy For Whiplash | Fusion Rehab AZPhysical Therapy For Whiplash | Whiplash occurs when you have a sudden jolt, extension, or distortion of the neck. Whether it was from an auto accident or a fall, any sudden injury to the neck can cause problems, even if they are not detected for years. This is one of the reasons it is so important to visit your physical therapist for whiplash after an accident, even if you seem to feel just fine. Read more

Lesser Known Benefits of Physical Therapy

Lesser Known Benefits of Physical TherapyAre you injured or in pain and curious about the benefits of physical therapy? Maybe you have experienced a sports related injury and you need to recover in order to perform in your sport again. Your injury could also be causing pain and discomfort through many of your routine daily activities. A physical therapist utilizes a number of different methods in order to help you recover from injuries. Read more

Physical Therapy Benefits The Whole Family

physical therapy benefits the whole family.jpgPhysical therapy benefits the whole family. From children to seniors, physical therapy can help you to maintain balance and improve strength, helping you to get better at daily skills and live life more fully. Although physical therapy can help you recover from injury or after surgery or stroke, there are also many more benefits to physical therapy.

For each age and stage of life, here is how physical therapy benefits the whole family:

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