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Get the Facts on Bursitis

bursitis.jpg-595x312Bursitis is a painful condition that affects the bursa. The bursa are small, fluid-filled sacs that help to cushion the bones, tendons and muscles located near your joints.  Everyone has hundreds of bursa found all throughout the body.  They are found where there is movement of a joint causing two tissues to rub against each other, and these movements should be smooth.
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Why is My Hand Tingling?

Acute pain in a women wrist

Why is my hand tingling?  This is a common question that hand and physical therapists get often.  The truth is there is not one definite answer.

There are many different causes to answer ‘why is my hand tingling?’  That pins and needles feeling can be very uncomfortable.  Your skin is filled with tiny nerve endings that relay signals to your brain.  If these nerves are interrupted when they are trying to signal the brain, the skin feels that prickling and tingling sensation.  This interruption can be caused by compression, pulling, inflammation or reduced blood supply to the nerve.
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